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    Dave Weber - owner
Owner Dave Weber
formely of Arrington
and Ritter and Weber
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Now that I got your attention, take some time and look around.
Feel free to call with any questions. Thanks Dave Weber

    Modern Muscle CNC Ported High Velocity Throttle Body, 5.7L & 6.1L HEMI Engines
    P/N  (MMHVTB)
    Modern Muscle's new 5-axis CNC Ported High Velocity HEMI Throttle Body was developed to help increase
    the flow of air through the stock intake manifolds of the new HEMI engines. AND IT WORKS! The stock
    80mm throttle body has shown on many applications to be a restriction on these engines but with Modern
    Muscles new venturi-like design, airflow through the stock throttle body has been increased without
    sacrificing air speed (like straight bore 85mm and 90mm throttle bodies) allowing even more power while
    being a direct bolt-on part.

    Applications:                                                 Connector comparison truck
    2005+ Chrysler 300C, 5.7L & 6.1L
    2005+ Dodge Magnum, 5.7L & 6.1L
    2006+ Dodge Charger, 5.7L & 6.1L
    2006+ Jeep Grand Cherokee, 6.1L
    2008+ Dodge Challenger, 6.1L
    2005 to present RAM 5.7L
    2003 and 2004 RAM 5.7L
    Please specify application when ordering
    The new Modern Muscle High Velocity Throttle Body is opened up to between 83 and 85mm, varying
    throughout the inlet and with a superb design based on their 30+ years of drag and oval track racing, from
    NHRA to NASCAR, this throttle body makes power without introducing any of the negative airflow
    characteristics that must be tuned out. It works great on stock mild or wild modified 5.7L and 6.1L engines.

    The MMHVTB is the choice of:

    High Horse Performance  (The Home Of The Fastest Naturally Aspirated 5.7L HEMI & SRT-8 Record
    Holders)  (888) 894-1115

    Mopar Super Center

BMC Performance

     Fully Plug and Play
     Max Airflow Through OEM Throttle Body
     Perfect Drivability
     No Issues Requiring Tuning
     Patent Pending

    Modern Muscle High Velocity Throttle Bodies are brand new CNC ported OEM throttle bodies.
Test car was a 300 SRT8 stock 6.1
Camshaft - Stage 1 HHP (stock Valve springs)
Cylinder Heads - Stock non ported
Diablo tuner (no change for TB)
Airaid air intake
exhaust - stock

Lower graph stock TB
Upper graph MMHVTB
+10 to 15 HP and TQ
Test Day upper 80's low 90's ambient temp
Test car was a Charger RT stock 5.7
Camshaft - stock
Cylinder Heads - Stock non ported
Airaid air intake - after TB looks like
they                                     compliment each
other well
exhaust - Catback
Lower graph - stock TB
middle graph - MMHVTB
+8 to 12 HP and TQ
Upper graph - MMHVTB  with Airaid
Test Day upper 80's ambient temp
Customer Testimonials:

2009 Challenger R/T
I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased
with your CNC Throttle Body
I've purchased for my 2009 Challenger R/T. Having
the 6 speed manual
transmission requires an accurate and consistent
"peddle feel", especially
off-idle. The stock off-idle response was definitely
lacking in that area.
But your TB gave me the control I was looking for,
not to mention the
incredible response throughout the RPM range!

One of the best mods I've done!
Kenneth Anderson
Katy, Texas

2003 Dodge Ram

Ok, we will see if  the 04 TB works.

Also, the 03 TB is on. It's been said in the past the
stock 80mm TB is at it's max...wrong!

So far I'm happy with the TB. You can feel the
added HP the TB adds!  The truck feels much
quicker off the line and  it has a more snapper
throttle response than stock. The added power you
can feel is like the add of a E-fan or under drive
pulleys. I also made 2 1/4 mile runs (street runs)
to see how the A/F numbers looked 12.9-12.7 on
the runs... no tune with, LT headers, Cat back, CAI,  
and 180 stat.

I found this info  last night on a LX forum on the
Modern Muscle TB

2006 SRT Charger — Bone Stock   Gain 10HP-6TQ

Dyno Run No  2.  360.6HP@5,990rpm 353.6Trq@4,
856rpm (Baseline)
·Dyno Run No. 4:  370.5HP@6,068rpm 359.0Trq@4,
487rpm (CNC TB)

There was big gain through out the rpm range on
the stock motor. Gains of 12 to 16 hp were there
at different rpm points....nice numbers for a TB

I'm going to try to hit Cecil or Capital next week to
make some runs with the Stock TB and then the
Modern Muscle TB to see what 1/4 mile gains I pick
up. Then I'm going to dyno to see  what the HP-TQ
gains are on the 5.7 truck.

9/17/08 2003 RAM

"David E. Hare" <> wrote:

Hi Dave
Just some updates on the TB.... still very happy with
the performance of the TB.  I did not see it until the
other day but, the idle on the truck has gone up with
the TB.  The rpm's went from 550h rpm's to 570h
rpm's at idle in gear. I like the little bit higher rpm
at idle in gear, I think it may be helping with the
snapper throttle response. Also went on a road trip
this past weekend and saw a few more things with
the TB. With (normal driving) the added HP & TO
can be felt, at highway speeds 60-65 the truck was
not working as hard. If I needed a little more gas it
did not drop down into 4th gear, it would stay in 5th
and pull...have also seen this at lower speeds. I also
saw (under normal driving) my gas mileage go up .
8 -.9 more per gallon! Open road I get about 19.8 -
20.0 miles per gallon and was seeing 20.6 - 20.8
with the new TB.  I hoping to get to the track this Fri
to get some time runs in with the TB!!!!   Dave
If you have an 04 RAM
please verify the plug
connection before
ordering. 04 RAMs have
had both types
As you can see by the picture
to the right the throttle body
bore configuration  is pretty
busy.  The bore at either end
is kept in the 83mm range as
to not require intake porting.
At the point of the shaft the
throttle bore is 85mm and the
80mm bore is only maintained
at the idle and low speed
throttle positions.This will
eliminate the need for custom
tuning for most applications.
Bigger is not always better.
Click on
image to
Dealer pricing available. Contact Dave Weber
Before stock
64mm TB
New 2.7/3.5L V6
Check out the new 2.7/3.5L V6 ported TB
$399.00   ($359.00 till May 31rst)
After ported
71mm TB
70 Challenger Modern
Hemi Burn Out with
CNC ported Cylinder
5 Axis CNC ported
HEMI Cylinder Heads
and Throttle Body. 5
Machining Center
***FROM $250.00***
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